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Digital Product Designer.

Making technology easy to understand and use since 2008. Writing on Design and Tech. I made finnapp.io, co-founded likeone.digital, wrote a book on independent design business and currently working on my web engine.

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I love being able to share and help others achieve more through my writings. This is my small contribution for an easier to understand, innovative, and transparent industry.

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Thorough case studies of client projects I did.


HomeStack ā€“ is LA-based real estate solution for agents. My role was to build User Experience for the mobile app as the main product and design the website to market and validate the product.

Project: homestack.com

Role: Product Designer

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As a product designer and art director, I lead design for all platforms including web and mobile. I helped HomeStack pivoting to new business direction, provided them with modern and intuitive UX solutions, interaction design including interface animation and custom graphics to support the brand and improve the UX of the product.


NeoMed ā€“ is a web-based service with the modern interface to manage complex structures in the medical industry.


Project: NeoMed

Role: Product Designer

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As a UX and product designer, I analyzed the initial business logic and user flows of the product. After, that we've done several iterations and improved user experience of the product in a way it's easy to navigate, go through step by step processes and manage everything easily using NeoMed interface.

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Products I've Made

Nightfall: Dark Atomic Design System for iOS

Nightfall designed to make your design and development process much faster and delightful.

It consists of 50+ templates covering 10 different topics for most of the cases that mobile apps have.

Each template consists of components based on the atomic design concept. So you can change everything from small details like icons and colors to complex components like cards and navigation. You can change it all and build your own app in days.

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Track Your Earnings and Expenses In Multiple Currencies. Add new expense/earnings in a couple of clicks, see detailed visual insights, do this with multiple currencies around the world.

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How To Become A Successful Freelance Designer

My Blueprint For Achieving A Great Success As A Freelance Designer. Whether your dream is escaping the rat race, experiencing a nomadic life and traveling the world, earning enough income to cover all of this, or just living more and working less, this book is for you.

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