Hi, my name is Max. I’m an Independent Designer & Maker

Currently working with tech startups remotely and making digital products while traveling around the world. I made finnapp.io, co-founded likeone.digital and wrote book on remote work

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Dec 09, 2017

Monthly Resolutions Is A Game Changer

Finally, I figured how I can do so many stuff and have a laser focus on each thing even if they are different. This is something that really changed the game and helped me to finish the product I was working on and actually launch it.

Sep 01, 2017

Finance Tracking App Press Release

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Products I Made


Track Your Earnings and Expenses In Multiple Currencies. Add new expense/earnings in a couple of clicks, see detailed visual insights, do this with multiple currencies around the world.

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The Remote Book

A Handbook for Location Independent Creatives. This explains why some romantic poets born in the higher classes were keen on seeing themselves as faded aristocrats, expelled from their comfortable milieu by a reverse of fortune or a design of destiny.

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