Thanks To 2016 And Excited About 2017

Someone told that new year resolutions don’t make sense and we need put in a work during the year, and only in the end of the year summarize your achievements. I partially agree with this statement and did both things Today. I decided to share some of the achievements and ideas for 2017.

This post is more for myself, but maybe it will inspire you on something great in the next year. I believe that 2017 would be greater and I'm looking forward to it. That's not because I like number 7 at the end of it, but because I have super ideas that make 2017 year exciting for me.

I’m always trying to not have any regrets. This is one of the reasons why I write things like this.

I’ve Read More Than 10 Books That Made My Life Better

Actually, I planned to read 54 books within this year. But it was too ambitious goal taking into account that I read in English and it’s not my native language. My life is not that stable to read 1 book in a week, but I’ll definitely figure out how to read more in the new year.

I Wrote And Posted About 40 Articles

Several of them went viral and brought a lot of appreciations, cross-posts, likes etc. Since I just learn writing it’s only a beginning. More exciting materials are coming in the new year. I already have about 20 topics, drafts and a lot of ideas. Who knows, maybe I’ll write a book in the next year. I know it’s real because I've already written one (still looking for time to re-write it in English).

Lots Of Traveling

You can visit my instagram. Mostly it consists of traveling photos. I’ve visited 6 countries (11 cities) this year. I believe that traveling fulfills our lives, makes us more experienced, teach us a lot, helps to be creative. I plan to continue exploring new places and new cultures in the coming year. Every time it’s so exciting to see different things, hear new language, interact with people and feel a domestic culture, visit authentic places, feel this energy that coming to you when you fly or drive somewhere.

I Wrote Morning Journal During 1 Month

I’ve read about this on Tim Ferris’s blog and decided to try. Really good thing that helps to clear your mind in the morning and focus on the most important things during the day. Probably, I'll continue doing it, but maybe in a different format.

I Tried To Meditate Each Morning During Almost 1 Month

It was an awesome experience. I learned to control my thoughts and calm down a huge thread of thoughts in the morning after waking up. However, I tried to do it with a mobile app, it still was awesome and guided me quite well. But I want to try it with a real guru or mentor with good experience in it.

Some Of My Dreams Came True

I went to an electronic music festival and listened to my favorite DJs live. The funny thing is that I didn’t even know how I’ll reach Croatia. I bought tickets almost 5 months before the event. The only thing that I knew is that I have this on my wishlist for 2016. Later on I found a way to fully accomplish it and listen to my favorite DJs.

I made it happen so my parents went abroad and we spent awesome time together in the house near the sea and fully paid for it myself. I always wanted to do something like this for them. And this year I did it.

I’ve Signed A New Contract And Relocated To EU Country

This year I decided to try myself working in a startup environment and focus on developing one product. I worked with a lot of startups before but remotely. And this year I had an opportunity to do it inside a company. This is a good experience that worth to trying.

I Found A New Hobby

Electronic music makes me crazy for the last couple of years. I simply can’t stop listening to it. This year I had a DJ masterclass as a present from my lovely spouse. After that, I practiced a lot to mix different tracks and even created 3 tracks from scratch using DAW software and some of the plugins. They are very raw and it's very early to share it. But if I stay with this hobby then I'll definitely come up with some amazing music to share.

Of course, some of the things were not that positive as above. And a number of struggles and hustles happened. But I’m trying to not concentrate on negative side. I usually take into account mistakes that I made, learn from them and trying to not repeat them again in the future.

In general, 2016 was awesome year and it brought a lot of amazing moments. I wish you to be positive about it, to have great intentions and plans for the next year. Make it exciting.

Happy New Year!

P.S. I'm writing a book on remote work and business for creatives, which you can pre-order now. I have no comments area here, Tweet me your questions if you have.

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