Why I Have Chosen UX Design Field

It was a long time ago since I designed the first interface. I started my way from primitive web design in 2006. My first work was to design simple websites which consist of 5-10 pages. It was informational websites and this kind of tasks was good for the beginning. I just needed to make top banner attractive, content text readable and connect all the pages with simple navigation menu in the top bar. No responsiveness, no retina displays, no trends such as material design, flat or skeuomorphic design… It was a piece of cake compared to the situation that we have right now.

I did have basic knowledge of design theory, typography, colors, photoshop, simple web design principles and even how to code in HTML, CSS and JavaScript. 2006 was the year when I graduated from computer academy where I learned those things. I had a great teachers and mentors who helped me to learn all necessary things and try them on practice.

So, I was ready for my first job and found it within a couple of months after graduation. And it was the remote job. It didn’t make sense those years. Since laptops was not so popular and expensive. I just found design agency in a big and more developed city than mine. It worked for me very well. I had time to study at the university and worked on websites on evenings for about 2-3 hours. This schedule was perfect for me. I learned first business principles with remote companies, developed a good speed of work and creativeness. Since we did about 60-80 small websites. I mean design and HTML code for them. I didn’t understand what does it mean User Interface design or User eXperience design, but already partly worked on solutions in these areas.

In the university, I’ve chosen software engineer speciality and there the first time I stumbled upon User Interface design on one of the smallest courses that we had between low-level programming and objective oriented languages. It’s started interesting for me.

On the 3rd grade of the university, I decided that I don’t want to be a programmer and chosen design area as my main speciality. I always liked to build things and I decided to continue my creative way in the design area for websites.

I started experimenting with different things in design and decided that I need a real job to develop my skills. I noticed that guys from my class and parallel classes started work in different companies on a part time basis and it lighted up me. So, I started to read different job offers, design requirements and created my portfolio. It was just a folder with all my works that I did before.

Once, I was invited for a job interview in a very small studio. They were interested in my flash skills, but to be honest I didn’t want to develop those skills because of the trend that I read on the Internet. It said that flash will die as a technology. And to be honest, I never felt that graphic design and animation are areas in which I want to invest my time.

So far so long, I found two companies in my city. One offer was for PHP developers. I decided to try myself in this area, so my study time in the university wasn’t wasted. And another one was as a web-designer in the big international company. Since the second company was making decision several months after our interview I had time to prepare for the interview on PHP developer position.

I failed and, to be honest, I didn’t like what I saw in this development company. They had a website that creates a good impression on them, but in the reality it was nothing special. However, the guy who interviewed me seems smart enough and I had a feeling that he developed his programming skills very well.

So, I decided to move on and this failed interview was as the confirmation that I’ve chosen my niche correctly and I must immerse myself in the design area.

I’ve got a job in the second company within 2 months and it was my first experience when I’ve seen a high-level company with the impressive office in the centre of my city. We had several departments and design team to support all of them with the design needs.

I worked there for the various amount of things from the design of particular areas or whole pages for their websites to advertisement campaigns which included landing pages, banners, email letters, etc.

During a couple of years, I learned a lot of things in design and practiced a lot in working on a big scale company. But I decided to narrow down my area of interest in design. I found out that I'm passioned about how people interact with websites and different applications. I always had a feeling that it's easy for me to notice different problems in an interaction of people with different level systems. Also, I always paid attention to the feedback of people about interfaces that they use on daily basis. So, when I realized those things I decided to focus on UX/UI design niche. And any task that we had in a pool with the tag about interface I took first all the time.

I received an offer from another promising eCommerce company that was based in our city and Poland. They were looking for lead UX designer to work on several eCommerce projects within the company. It seemed a good opportunity for me. So, I decided to take a chance and help those guys with user interface solutions.

It was an interesting experience. Especially in the UX design area. And decided to find more challenging projects abroad. The only problem is that I should work on them remotely. But when I tried it wasn’t a big problem for me. Since my first experience of work was in remote company. So, this approach is familiar to me.

I left the eCommerce company and started work as an independent UX/UI designer and consultant. And I work in this way to present days. Of course, a lot of things changed during 3 years. Thus, I sharpened my way of work and UX design skills as well working with different projects worldwide.

Also, I started travelling more and it helps me develop my vision more and apply it on UX for different projects as well as for my personal projects.

I’ve chosen UX design because it always was the most interesting design area for me. With UX design, we can make a complex project easy to use, improve business indicators, improve the world and even make people happy in different activities.

I like building things and user experience is important part of building a different level projects. It’s excites me! I notice small good and bad details and I know how to operate with it. Of course, development of skills is an endless process and I need to learn a lot more stuff and I even have in plans creating my own project.

UX design is a good area and would be great to develop it more. I want to invest in it knowledge, skills, energy and time. That’s why I’m blogging predominantly about UX design.

Usually, I don’t look for UX ideas on the Internet only. I learn psychology, environment, nature and how the world works. Those things help me to understand what solution would be naturally right for a particular project or part of the project. Sometimes I need to learn the whole process in the real life to automate it and create appropriate user flow for an application. For instance, checkout process for an eCommerce project or online store with only one unique product. Or the process where people go eat outside together…

We still have a lot of stuff to improve in the whole world. And after that improve what we improved. It’s iterative and endless process. And it’s great to be a part of this progress.

P.S. I'm writing a book on remote work and business for creatives, which you can pre-order now. I have no comments area here, Tweet me your questions if you have.

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