Columbia Law School App

The goal of this ptoject is to improve user experience of students and teachers as well. Build a simple interaction with school regarding organization of all study processes.

Story about User eXperience improvements of study process in one of the most famous school in the world

About Columbia Law School

Columbia Law School, founded in 1858, stands at the forefront of legal education and of the law in a global society.

Columbia Law School combines traditional strengths in corporate law and financial regulation, international and comparative law, property, contracts, constitutional law, and administrative law with pioneering work in intellectual property, digital technology, tax law and policy, national security, sexuality and gender, and environmental law.

Courses & Schedule

This flow includes Schedule, Grades and Add/drop classes functionalities. Mobile application allows students to do any actions to manage their schedule and view grades.

This feature gives a full access to management of courses that students are visiting or will visit.

Student Directories

Students can manage their accounts right from the mobile device. They have full access to this. This is one of the biggest flows, but it was made as simple as possible and separated on portions of information.

For instance, student can record his pronunciation on one screen and only on the next screen add or edit his emergency contact data.

Find a Student

Teachers and stuff can, simply, fill out necessary fields to start search process.

List of Students

When a search process finished people can see a list of students in alphabetical order. By the way it is possible to exclude students which names starts with a particular letter.


Simply, activate/deactivate letters to make a search process more specific.

Cards View

This view allows to see more extended info about students. It is helpgul in cases when we can recognize students, for example, by photo.

Expanded Info

In a case when people want to know more about student they can just tap on the student to see extended card.

Student Details

... but if it's necessary to know more about a particular student than detailed screen will give extensive info about student.

Edit profile

In addition to profile screens we haveve designed edit flow to change all the info.

Class Seats

This feature allows to manage seats and map class.

Class Seats

This feature allows to manage seats and map class.