High-Resolution People

High-resolution person understands his business well and makes less critical mistakes on the way to wealth and success.

Usually millionaires from scratch are competent in many of processes of their business. Mostly they started single or with several companions and did all work with their hands. So, they understand their product or services very well and they can develop company more effectively than people who are not competent in their products and services.

High-res businessman can do almost any kind of work in his business by himself. I know several design studios that were built by businessman and several that were built by designers. It's a big difference in the whole process of work, results and value that they provide to their clients.

Design studios that were founded by a businessman that are not specified on creative business are very good companies in selling design services and work with clientele, but they don't have a full understanding of their business niche. And enough experience to work in creative field.

Design studios that were started by one designer or a creative team usually have problems with selling their services and work with clientele, but their quality of output have a tremendous distinction from the first type of studio. They produce higher quality of design and non-standard solutions.

In both types of companies can work talented specialists, but they are professionals in different areas. Someone quite good in selling template solutions for other businesses, they do this fast, without delay and it seems like they could be good business partners, but they do not provide specific solutions to your business. Just general solutions that might work or not.

High-resolution designer spent on creative thinking a big part of his life. He sees details that no one else can see. He understands very well trends and remembers previous design trends. He understands how design industry changes from year to year. He is not only the creator but and attentive user. So, he feels user experience of different products very well. He experiments with different creative solutions and makes many mistakes. He learns everyday something in his niche. His approach very different from amateurs approach or approach of people who provide the same service but not from creative business point of view.

Of course high-res designer could have problems with delivery of result, organization and sometimes communication is very different from people with business thinking. P.S. We are trying to fix this here in Fland-lab.

In a nutshell, it's a big difference in the value of work with a high-res businessman or high-res designer and it depends on problems that you want to solve in your business. We should choose carefully our business partners to make successful decisions and sometimes key changes in our company.


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