Why Business Should Be Packed

The common problem of many businesses is that the shell does not consistent with the content.

We can see a cool website with parallax effects, super animation, cool illustrations but in a nutshell, we have nothing in mind after visiting this super website with all modern design solutions.

Package problem 1

We often have lack of voice and we can't say anything about our business and what we actually do, what process do we have, interesting facts and case studies.

We have an image of our business in our head and we want to transmit this image to our customers in the same shape as we see it. It's ideal case when your customers understand you business as well as you.

But we can't transmit all your brain in heads of your customers. So, we try to put this image in web environment, in presentation, in marketing materials.

Something happens in the way of converting your image into an informational environment. Maybe lack of experience to do this or lack of competence in web or marketing environments.

As a result, people are not on the same page with you. That's why we can have a bad conversion.

What In A Nutshell?

This is what we should ask ourselves after scanning website or marketing materials.

People don't read all that you have, they just scanning information and looking for value in materials that you provided to them.

We have so much more media coming at us, but our brains have not expanded their capacity to absorb all of that. There's this incredible marketing fog and people are not reading or even seeing your messages. At the same time, people are fundamentally bored and disconnected. - Jeff Walker about marketing fog.

Package problem 2

Problem with meanings in business. This is not so easy to tell something meaningful to your target audience.

People always try to find something real in your business. Not cold statistics, but real stories, detailed case studies, real people with whom they might want to interact.

Awful business package as a repellent for potential customers. It says that this company isn't serious and they provide not real services.

The Goal Of Any Package

Create imbalance of price and value. Make your services valuable and show it in an image of your business. Make clear what kind of work stands for suggested price.

Package layers

1. Meanings layer. How many units of meaning do you have in your package (e.g. you have a website, you have a strong brand, your company has office, you support your customers).

2. Visual layer. You can find good meanings in content of website, but in general, design is awful (e.g. terrible typography, non-readable content because of the bright background colors, no consistency in interface and content).

3. Technical layer. The website doesn't load, HTML code is not valid for different browsers. Design is not responsive and you loose customers that visit your website via mobile devices.

4. Conversion layer. Different triggers on your website that allow your users make key actions to buy your services or start interacting with your business. It's important to have action areas where people can fill out application form to buy something on your website or order services.

5. Analytics layer. Gather statistics of how people interact with your business.

6. Law layer. Do you have license, patent right?

7. Organization layer. Do you have a support department or support managers that work with customers applications and answer on calls?


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