Remote Design Jobs In 2020

I didn't look for a job for quite a while. I've recently become curious about what's happening with the design industry and what jobs are being posted now. I was interested not just in design jobs but in remote opportunities. I believe this is something that's booming right now. Since work from home is the thing in 2020.

I've googled some vacancies related to Product Design, UI Design, and UX Design and found out that there are many jobs out there. Not like it was several years ago when I mostly focused on client work and long term collaborations.

I remember it was a struggle to find a remote job in a pool of regular jobs. Most websites and organizations didn't take it seriously.

The freelance work or remote positions were mostly specified for temporary solutions like design a new feature for a product or re-design a website. I see more potential in remote jobs, mainly because the design process has changed over the years. And I'd even say the importance of product design is way higher these days.

A couple of years ago, business advisors and gurus said that startups need to invest in marketing. Now they say we need to invest in both and sometimes more in product development. Meaning there are more opportunities for designers than ever before.

Product Design Jobs

After my search on one website, I found out there are about 611,253 product design remote jobs.

Most of these jobs require you to have 3-5 years of experience, HTML and CSS skills, often knowledge of the latest software like Sketch, Figma, and Adobe XD. So if you're not new in the industry, it's a lot of options.

Some vacancies require you to know about Design Systems and even have some skills in this area. This is why I think designers are now needed for companies more than ever. Design systems help to improve Product design consistency and quickly develop new features. I believe the systemic design approach makes life easier for many mature companies and even startups.

UX Design Jobs

UX Design search has shown me way fewer jobs. It's just 3,025 UX design jobs. However, I think 3K is still a good amount to choose from, taking into account that UX design usually doesn't require such a broad skill set as Product Design.

A quick note here. Some of the UX Design jobs are mixed up with UI Design jobs. That's a common thing on the internet. Mainly because of the recent experience people had when UX and UI together are often presented in a job title or even article titles. So basically, if you're looking for more a UI job and want to focus on Graphics, Illustrations, Visual appearance, Types, Icons, then you still can find it by entering UX Design as a search request. Just pay attention to the requirements and skills that are needed.

Generally, search results will show you many combo jobs with the title UI/UX. That's totally normal, and just harder for users to filter out the results if we're looking specifically for a UI or UX job.

UI Design Jobs

This search request has shown me 3,026 UI design jobs. Again, a lot of jobs are mixed up with UX design and even developer positions. That's totally normal these days, and you can see this picture literally on every job search website.

Often, they request HTML and CSS skills for Product Design jobs. Still, sometimes it's not mandatory. Even if you need to know them, then communicate better with the team and design some abstract things that are difficult to develop, which is not efficient for business and product development processes. It's super easy to learn the basics of HTML and even do that on the go when you start working.

A quick hack here is to mention that you're willing to learn basic HTML and CSS if everything else in your CV is good and your portfolio is similar to what they're looking for. That might add a score to you as a candidate.

Where to find remote design jobs these days?

During this research, I've used a website called Jooble. It has quite a simple interface and fresh jobs. You can easily search for jobs and click "Remote" in the filters on the left.

Of course, you can search on many other websites. One thing I'd recommend is to stick to one website and go through all offerings you're interested in, send out your CV and then move on to other resources.

It's harder to track your progress if you go to multiple websites at once, and harder to understand where feedback is coming from.

Looking for a new job takes time. So better to start early and do it with a systemic approach.

Don't forget to update your portfolio and CV. I know many designers are struggling with it, but many remote positions require you to have both and updated.

I believe that if you take what you do seriously, you'll definitely find a job, and even if it's not a dream job, don't worry. No one said you should work in one place for life.

Good luck in your search!

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