Do Not Take Side Projects Seriously

Finally, it's a time for a new blog post after long update of my blog and a bunch of personal stuff. Yes, now my blog has the navigation and it's much easier to find posts by interest. More is coming in winter.

I believe that building your own platforms has benefits such as:

Since I'm a designer I like to make things. And I think that each designer should create end products during his career. Because you are focusing on so many things. And at the end, you have not only design layouts as final deliverables but a real product that works for you and works for people. You'll get knowledge outside of design area. Usually, it changes your vision about design and things that you did before.

What I've noticed for myself is that after this experience I realized that I actually can do everything.

...and it's all depends on your vision and burning desire to create something from scratch to completely working product.

The only one thing is really important here. Don't make it as a routine, don't plan too much. I know it sounds crazy. But take a look how many companies are trying to stay in this start-up mode for many years. They want to save this atmosphere on purpose.

I believe that side projects should be for fun. Do not take them too seriously. Otherwise, you'll waste time on research, planning, looking for talents, etc. But you'll never start to do that creative work that actually matters.

You can see that in most of the cases side projects became successful and went IPO. Think about Facebook and how the student from Harvard experimented with funny stuff and right now he is CEO of this huge social network. Or guys who offered mattresses and breakfast and not so far AirBnB raised $850M. Or Elon Musk who wanted to create space rockets but didn't know anything about this industry.

I was at a tech conference in September and guys there told about their side project that they brainstormed on a Friday evening. And the next Friday they quickly built it. After some time they've got an enormous amount of traffic. They were serious about it and started making efforts to make this product better. But the funny thing here is that first of all, they created the site for leaving reviews on different stuff. Long story short and approximately 100K visitors weren't their target audience at all. They've used their product as a dating website. As a result, they've helped people with their product but not how they were planning at the beginning.

Funny things happen sometimes. And that's what makes our creative life interesting.


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