How To Be Happy If You A Creative Person

How To Be Happy If You A Creative Person

We simply can go into negative mood on our day to day creative path. Because of the negative feedback on work that we do. Because of the things that aren't work in the way we want. And even if the idea, the initial sketch of something do not transform into something great that we were thinking about in the beginning.

Sometimes, we can go into negative if we stuck into an endless amount of routine work. We even can't see the end of it. But we have a bunch of ideas for projects that we think will change everything for good. And this routine just sucks all the energy and motivation from us.

Life is too short to fulfill it only with unpleasant things that you should do. So, do what you want to do.

One day, my spouse told me:

"Do only what you want. Don't spend time on unpleasant things. I want you to be happy."

...and you know what? She is right!

This spring I found a new passion. It's electronic music. I do like the idea of DJ-ing and producing the music of the future. It's exciting and I have goosebumps from the idea of experimenting with different instruments, sounds, creating a composition from it.

It's damn hard in the beginning when you understand nothing and you even don't know basic things like theory or new software interface. Yet, it doesn't stop you if you like the process and small results that you have.

The same thing with the design. You're happy with each small thing that you achieved in the beginning. I remember that feeling when I build my first website. It was the best website on the Internet. Well, at least for me... But I was only a student of a computer academy, and all that I knew is Photoshop 7 and HTML. Unfortunately, afterward, you can easily forget your small wins on start.

After some time you deal with many stuff that you don't like. Especially when you start applying your skills to make money. It's a completely different story.

"Hell, yeah!!! Or no."

I believe that in the creative world we all have this period of time when we criticized a lot. And it's like an exam in the real world that let you make the decision whether you continue this journey and ride this wild horse or you understand that you don't love it that much to deal with all this criticism and negative feedback about the work you do.

This sounds like a natural selection. But, hey, is this is what happens with us all the time? We'd better choose what we really love to do than struggle with stuff that we can't change because we don't see any hope in it.

There are so much yes-es out there. We'd better learn how to say no. Saying "No" creates time, saying "No" makes us happy. So, try to understand what do you feel when you need to answer to something. "Hell yeah?" or "No"? "Yes, maybe" - equals to "No". Period.

Smile until your teeth will show up

I noticed that when I have a great mood then things seems very simple. And any problems can be solved in minutes or even seconds. It's so efficient state. Energy flows easily and you can get done so many things in the unit of time. You become an easy going person. You just happy with what you do no matter what.

Some time ago I've read about Copernicus theory that explains how Earth moving around the Sun. It was opposite to the previous theory which said that the Sun rotates around the Earth.

This theory can be applied to our everyday life. We shouldn't wait for a big success to become happy. We need to be happy to achieve a great success.

How can we be happy if all these stuff that we do aren't satisfying us?

I always recommend to stop at least one shitty thing and by this create some free time to start something that you like to do the most. This will create a hope.

Don't stop on it. Develop and form the idea. Focus more on where you are extremely happy. Think about how you can do only this thing and make leaving from it. Ask right questions? Find someone who's leader in it. Follow them, ask them. Do not compete, dominate. And if you really love it, it's the question of time when you achieve something really great.

"People say you have to have a lot of passion for what you're doing and it's totally true. And the reason is because it's so hard that if you don't, any rational person would give up. It's really hard. And you have to do it over a sustained period of time. So if you don't love it, if you're not having fun doing it, you don't really love it, you're going to give up. And that's what happens to most people, actually..." - Steve Jobs

Just leave things that you don't love to do. Life is too short to spend time on it. Of course, it can be not as simple as I wrote about it here in one sentence. And usually, it takes a time to refocus yourself. But worth every bit of it.

Even if you love what you do you'll definitely meet people who undervalue you or you have not enough skills to work with them. And that's totally fine. You can't satisfy everyone. The only thing that matters is what you want to achieve. If you want to create and launch your own site portfolio then do it. If you want to create and launch your own product then work on it and launch it. You want to be a big boss and create a company? Don't listen anyone. You can do everything, but be ready to work an enormous amount of time and put there a lot of efforts.

Compare yourself only with you in the past

It doesn't make sense comparing yourself with others. If you open a Facebook or Instagram for example with all this fancy stuff that people post there about their life then you can feel yourself as a loser. The thing is that usually, people do not share negative stuff publicly. You see only bits of the information that don't show you all the picture.

I'd recommend reading biographies of people who succeed in one to many areas. It takes much more time than checking social networks but gives you more value. You can learn that usually, the path of achieving any success is not that easy and that people always put in the work all the time that they awakened. There are no shortcuts. People who focus on shortcuts always fail to people who actually put in the work.

I've studied some of the good success stories and actually, I believe that this is the only honest way to be successful, to be happy. I work a lot and still want to be more efficient and productive than I'm now. Of course, I want everything and right now. But I understand that it takes time, a lot of efforts, vision, creativeness and who knows what else. I learn to be patient all the time. It's hard but the more I understand this concept the more I feel happy.

Even if we haven't achieved something yet we should be grateful for any perspectives and opportunities that we have now. To achieve this in the future. And I believe that the more experience we get from our path the more confident and happy we'll be.

I wish you to find what you passionate about and being honest with you.

Thank you for reading,



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