How To Be Productive Spending Time Nicely On Sunday

There are a lot of articles about productivity and I think I mentioned some productivity tips before in one of my previous articles. But in addition to this, I want to make a mark upon this movement. Since we all have different lives and experiences. And sometimes it's just good to share a great mood that helps to create something awesome.

This is how my work desk looks like Today.

My Workdesk Today

I have a green tea with a teaspoon of honey plus 1/3 teaspoon of coconut oil. Maybe it sounds and looks not attractive, but still, it's very healthy homemade beverage and just "fatty delicious". I noticed that it makes me more energetic for a longer period of time than a cup of coffee or even several cups of coffee. I use this advice from Tim Ferris. The point is that fat increase your metabolism. Since it travels directly to the liver, it is used for energy and not stored as fat. In addition to this, it makes strong your immune system and help fight viruses and infections.

I love doing things on a fresh air. I just feel how the energy that I'm spending on any kind of work recharges by breathing with fresh air. It helps think clearly if we talk about mind work and you have not too many reasons to be distracted with social networks or similar things. Since life happens around you when you at the open air.

And one more small detail is a motivational wallpaper on the desktop. It's a small detail that makes an impact on your attitude when you open your laptop. So, instead of checking Facebook feed you'll start your activities from something more important for you. You can find easily something similar that I have on my desktop right now by using keywords like "lettering" or "desktop wallpapers quotes" or similar on Pinterest or Google. Search it, try it. This effort worth its time.

Why do you need to be productive on Sunday?

There is no point you can say. Because of almost all human beings spending this day not for a work. There are a lot of blog posts on the Internet about different activities that will make your life more fulfilled if you use a time of weekends wisely by spending it on, for instance, traveling, sports activities, visiting your family and so on. Of course, we all have different cases, especially in the time of digital nomads and other movements. But I have my own thoughts on it...

In my opinion, there shouldn't be a straight line between business and rest. I feel more relaxed and I tend to be more creative if I don't have strict rules for this and my line between work and other stuff is blurred. So, basically, I don't schedule separate time on work and life. I have a mixture of it every day and even on weekends. And sometimes on holidays. It depends on the duration of the holiday, of course. If I want to quickly recharge my batteries and don't think about business and related to it stuff I'll just go in another country and spend a time to see new places, try new food, get in touch with people from different parts of the world or just, for example, lay down on the beach without any thoughts.

Some time before I was thinking differently and tried to plan every minute of my life ahead each week. But I've experimented with different approaches and practiced several technics that I found in books, articles, and talks of other people who are specialized in time management and general management. I logged my time and still logging it in Toggl for several years. And time reports in a compartment to, for example, my revenue I can say that there is nothing in common between time and money that you earn. But what was the key component that did the difference?

There are many of them. I mean details that make an impact on your life and your productivity. It was creativity, super positive mood, environment, making things differently. It worth to try changing these and similar things instead of working hard for more time. Again, more time doesn't equal a lot more money. You can make a bit more, but not that much than in case if you change something in your approach.

A lot of people know about the book "The 4 Hour Workweek". I'd not advertise it to you. The thing is that people understand this book differently. And some of them are very skeptical even about the title of it. How can you spend 4 hours per week on work and still earn enough money for living? No, really?

The point is that it's not the rule that you should click on the button of your time at Monday morning, work 4 hours, stop it and that's it. The rest of your week you can spend on the couch watching TV. No, no, and again no.

You can look at this from the different angle.

There are many options to do a productive work and one of them that works for me is to create a comfortable atmosphere. Or opposite to it - very uncomfortable atmosphere where you don't have any other option as to finish your work and accomplish your goal before something bad will happen to you.

I recommend using a positive way. But sometimes, if it doesn't work than the negative way will help you as well.

I hope that this post opened your eyes on something new for you and you'll do something differently from this point. At least, you can try things that I mentioned above.


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