How To Choose What You Want To Do

Sometimes we have a situation when we don't know what to do next. Life is good and you don't know what achievement do you want in the future. Or life is not so good and you can't decide how to fix it. How to choose a direction of your actions? What kind of things do you want to happen in your life?

Start with a good exercise. Write down 100 wishes of what you want in your life. It sounds easy, but not so easy on practice. I write this type of list from time to time and I know that on 35th and/or 60th item you'll feel that you don't know what else do you want. You'll start looking for inspiration to figure out what do you want to complete the whole list.

This exercise is good because when you complete the list you know what you want. And you can organize your everyday routines to complete at least 30% of things during the year.

100 wishes will learn you to be proactive. You don't need reactive mood. Unless you want to rest from problem-solving or just get some rest from everyday things.

Social networks, TV, News and other sources of information manipulate us. Especially, if we have wrong daily habits. For instance, first thing in the morning checking social networks or turning on TV with the morning news. It makes us reactive. Since, during the sleep, we are resetting our brain after it structured all the memories for the past day. So, in the morning, we have a fresh head to start something cool that help to accomplish our goals and make dreams come true. But it's not wise to use your fresh head as a trash bin where you can put all what other people want you to know. Social media, TV and other sources of information are cool inventions. But it can wait until you do something really valuable for yourself or your family.

According to statistics, 95% of people have no their own wishes and goals. But another 5% have their own wishes, goals, and make our world different.

The proactive mood switches your brain into a state when you decided what to do and you do it. You don't wait for the tasks from an inbox, you don't ask others what should you do. You already know what you want and you just act.

Of course, we can do wrong things, but why it shouldn't be cool? It's your own experience, your training. We can be scared of a new thing or we can be brave after having different life experience. We can think on a higher level, we can think outside of a box. That's where starts creativity.

We can trap in the dip or even huge dip. But we learn from it, we testing out our desires and goals to move on or not.

You can say that I'm a crazy guy who sees all things in a positive light. But I had lots of bad experience in my life. And I know for sure that those experience taught me a lot and made me better than I was. Also, I know that I'll have a lot more barriers, but on another level and with greater prizes.

We can simplify this task with 100 wishes by thinking about several categories of wishes. For example, what we want to buy, what we want to achieve, what abilities and skills do we want to get. Think about future yourself in 1, 3, 5 years and decide who you want to be. What do you want to have in the future, and what do you want to be able to?

Close the door, turn on motivating or dreamy music. Create a specific atmosphere to complete this task. Use your sources of inspiration If you stuck on something like I mentioned in the beginning of this post.

I used my notes that I wrote before on lifestyle and previous several wishes that I still want to make come true. Also, you can open Youtube and watch inspiration videos for some time. For instance, to take a look what unbelievable things other people do. But you need to ask yourself. Is this is your real wish too? Or it's just looking cool? It's very important. You should have all 100 desirable things. And it should be only your wishes.

I spent on this exercise only 1 hour and it worth this time. I did know what to do this year. But now I know how to fill the gaps and make my life more fulfilled this year and partly next several years.

Have you done with wishes? Great! We shouldn't close the notebook or whatever place you wrote them in. We can use them and make sure that we accomplish what we really want.

I use boards for planning all my things in all the areas of life. Such as, career, money, fun, obligations, social worth, net worth, etc. I have mentioned this before and I'll write a separate post with more details about this technique.

You can place your wishes in your inbox on ToDo list similar to what I did in Trello. I have Income list on this year. And I place there all that I want to accomplish during the year. And after that, I can manage it moving selected cards on the month, week and day.

Any way is fine. I know that different people like different approaches in planning. Some people didn't plan, but they are successful. Some people delegate this work on a private assistant. Whatever approach you choose to use your list of 100 wishes it will be good for you.

We can even don't use our wish list and just write all things down, put it somewhere and try to find it in a year. You'll be amazed because at least 30% things can be done.

Our brain work in a specific mode when we do things like this. I mean creating plans, writing down wish list, dreaming, etc. That says, that we can just spend 1 hour of time and sow the right seeds in our heads. In a year or whatever term we can observe changes in our life according to that list that we wrote some time ago.

The wishlist is not so important as thoughts that you have in the moment of writing your wishes down. Your imagination works on a different level and who knows, maybe it's linked somehow with your subconscious. Something magic happens during this process.

Some people don't believe in this exercise until they have results like what they wrote done some time ago on a list or in any other medium.

I have my own results like what I wrote down the first time when I did this exercise. I didn't complete only things that weren't serious for me on that moment of time. In another case, something is not done because I didn't reach a specific level of thinking to accomplish it.

I believe that you can use this technique to make your dreams come true. By the way, if you are not a big dreamer, this exercise will extend your abilities in this area. Just try it, spend 1 hour of time and you'll see new horizons in your life.


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