How To Improve Revenue With Information Architecture

What Is Information Architecture?

Good IA helps to make a digital project successful. It makes the web interface more user-friendly and it's easy to find something really valuable even if you have a lot of information on a website. You can say that this is more navigation question.

IA Role In A Good Navigation

Usually structure of a website builds on informational architecture. Navigation refers to elements of an interface the people use to go through that structure. In navigation, we use menus, breadcrumbs, text links. All this should be included in wireframes or prototypes of a project. Thus, the very first step to a good navigation is analysis of a current website's content and structure, navigation comes after this step.

Bad Information Architecture

About 70% of websites and not only websites still have a weak organization. Are you often spend ages looking for something within a complex system and couldn't find anything you want? A similar example is trying to find something at a large supermarket. Sometimes it's so hard to find something specific. For instance, if you have unusual diet and to follow it you should spend a big amount of time on search of a specific category of goods. Or you just looking for gluten-free bread, you want to sort goods by favorite brand or you have a party in this weekend and you need goods in this category? As a result, we have lost sales. We should do something with this.

Reasons Of Bad Information Architecture

The main reason why people create bad organized websites is that they try to project their physical business in the digital environment. The internet has different laws of interaction between services or products and customers. So, this is common problem of non-effective websites.

One another reason is that often people use cheap design services and don't see concrete value in this. Thus, they just want someone talented with a beautiful graphical portfolio. The very first mistake here is to not give to designer ready content and understanding of what structure should be on the website. Actually, good professionals can take this part of work on board provide you with basic content strategy.

Good Information Architecture

If you want to create a very good IA that will serve you as a valuable improvement you need:

Wikipedia's information architecture one of the best online

This website have a huge amount of information and standard navigation wouldn't work here. The interface of Wikipedia is so natural and obvious in use. Guys, who work on this website understand how visitors use the site and make it easier for them to what they need to do. Simple idea, correct IA and great implementation.


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