Investment In UX Design

Sometimes it's hard to understand what kind of investment you can do for your product, services or in yourself.


People think that is a better way to make an investment in their business is marketing or other sources of traffic attraction. But I see the picture in which we have a lot of products with disposable clients. From my personal experience, I know that big businesses are on top because of their constant customers. So, why marketing is not most important investment in digital products?

Let's talk about sales funnel. Yes, marketing helps attract customers and this is very first stage, but if you have a big hole on the next stage of interaction with your customers than you'll lost them. At least, a big percent just leave you and never come back. This is the most painful fact for all who take care about their customers, sales and distribution.

Have you found "Act" block in the funnel in the image above? Take a look, it's very important. Thus, what actions your customers will do with your web interface or in mobile application will affect your result. Big conversion, smaller bounce rate, and other great indicators would make you happy if actions of user will be resultative and will make you a good revenue.

Are You Still Think That SEO Works?

Several years ago it was important to have a blog on your website or how SEO guys say live section on a website. Actually, all website sections are live. Blog section or another section with content is good for getting more information about service, product or company. But this is not the main point to gather traffic and hold it on website.

People don't want read water content because they don't see value here.

Holes In Your Product Or How UX Design Works

As I mentioned before the main point is not content. Sometimes content is very beautiful and has a huge value, but people can't reach to the end or even read a half of information because of holes in the interface on a website or mobile app. This is a serious problem. An interface can work like sieve or it can hold your visitors and provide them with very good services without your attendance 24/7.

I'm going to write more articles about tools and ways of improvements for digital products. So, stay tuned and share this information with friends if you found it valuable for you.


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