Launch Of A Project On Time

In the right place at the right time.

I know a lot of projects who broke their deadlines and they don't launch in the planned time. This is becoming more critical issue. People risks launching not needed product if they breaking up their deadlines. Market changes and project has a risk to not satisfy their customers in another time of launch.

We should prioritize and decide what is the most important thing we should do before launch. The most common mistake in this issue is that we think that all is important without any exceptions.

Let's separate project creation on 3 components: time, scope and price. I have the rule to work with those 3 components. I fix time and price but leave scope flexible. I know that in most cases people want to create all that they have in their minds and right away. But experience says that people want to launch all their ideas they do not launch in planned time or launch, but with poor quality of product.

To avoid poor quality of the product we should launch only what is most important. I mean leave only main features and functions. So, that scope of works could fit to launch date.

Price should be fixed. It means that we shouldn't require rate per hour from specialists we work with. I've already written about pricing in previous article. We should set a price that based on value for this work. Design creates value and we should know what result it will bring to us in numbers. For instance, you have a website, but don't have a mobile version of the website and you lost 40% traffic because of it and Google don't show your website in search results on mobile devices. This is a problem and if we want to develop our business we should do work that will bring us result.

Schematically it looks very easy. First of all, you have a problem that you want to solve. You might want to make an investment in design that will solve your problem. So, we should define value of this design solution and fixed investment amount, set up time for launch new design and figure out what scope of work we need to do and optimize it to level that will be affordable for first 2 components.

I've practiced this approach in several projects and this works terrific. So, I want you to recommend at least try this approach in your projects, even if it will be small tasks. Feel free to ask questions and write about your experience.


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