Where To Find Clients And What To Work On In Summer Time

Summer is the time when most of the people having a vacation. It can be harmful to your online business.

It makes total sense. Since people don't spend much time online in the summer. Especially in the second half of the June until the end of August. Of course, there are different circumstances and unusual cases, but most of the time that's true. And seasoning exists in freelance business as well. I experienced it myself and the most challenging month for me was in the first year of working as a freelancer.

It was quite hard to find a new client in the summer without having years of experience and a decent portfolio. But every next year I had a better situation, and when I started traveling a lot, it's no longer the case. I don't want to say that traveling is a panacea, but it helps to break your routines. I'll explain it more in details in a moment.

What if it's summer and you don't have any work on your hands?

Don't panic. It happens to everyone and not only in the summer or winter holidays. I recommend having a list of things that you need to do for your business in cases like this.

Refresh Your Portfolio

It's always a good idea to update your portfolio with the latest works. You never have time for this by being busy with client work 24/7, and that could be your chance to refresh your brand, raise standards and as a result attract better clients.


One more good idea is to re-think your strategy. First of all, you can analyze what was wrong so far. What red flags have you recognized from clients you worked with? What kind of mistakes you did? Think about the way your business can be better. What to improve in the first place? For example, you definitely have things you don't like to do, and it might take most of your time, and you have things that you like to do the most. But it's a smaller percentage.

Think about what to eliminate, what to automate and what to delegate.

Don't want to hire anyone? You still can automate things by software or a better strategy, and sometimes you can delegate some of the stuff to people you work with because they have more competency in it anyway.

Optimize how you manage your projects. A couple weeks ago I had time off, and I reorganized my Trello boards into one system that works much better for me now.

Learn new things

There is not a better time to read some quality books and blogs when you have not much client work.

Start a personal project

It's a great time to start something new. Most of the freelancers are still working with companies and clients, but remotely. It does change a lot, but again, you depend on your clients, and it's a good idea to try yourself creating a product.

You'll better understand the difference between service business and product business.

Who knows, maybe it will work out in the long run and you'll create something that thousands or millions of people would like to use, and you'll be happy to work on your product only by improving it all the time.

It's not a secret that success rarely comes with the first product, but it's a great practice. You'll learn more about yourself as a maker.

I started making my own products last year and launched my app, book and an online course. Most of the work was done in times when I didn't have much freelance work. I now working on a new product that I'm excited to launch soon.

Again, you'll learn so much even if you fail. Your freelance business will be even better after making dozens of mistakes with your own products. You'll know what's happening with a business on the other side. It has considerable value.

Take a time-off

Do something for yourself and forget about work.

Buy tickets somewhere and travel for a little bit. Spend time on workouts, outdoor activities, learn a new skill or acquire a new habit in your life such as meditation.

Do you still want to find a client in Summertime?

You can say: "Max, it's all wrong and I still want to find a client and make some money even if it's holiday time." I understand the need. Moreover, I've been in the similar situation at the beginning of being a freelancer.

There is a golden rule that says: if you want to make money you need to work on it. Even if it's not actual work, but you do things like searching for clients, sending business propositions, etc.

Create a list of things that you think is necessary to do to get new clients.

Do your research on the niche and types of clients you want to acquire.

Go through Facebook groups, Tweets, LinkedIn and check if anyone is looking for a designer or a specialist of your profile.

Work on your profiles on Upwork and Fiverr.

You still can find clients on holiday times. Primarily if you work online. Some parts of the world still catching up on some work. You can think about clients from Asian or Middle East countries. Also, there is a chance to find clients from Europe or the U.S. It's just a more rare case in times like Summer.

Don't know what the plan is?

Do something you think is right, but just don't stop. Any action even if it's wrong will bring you results. You learn from it and move on.

For example, you can check some of the resources on the Internet where there is a chance to find a client on your services. You can start discussing their business and a possibility of collaboration. I did it myself several years ago. I found a design studio on one of the forums. They worked with cool startups at that time. We had a nice chat and several follow-ups in Skype after that. In a year or so they had a project for me and right after that a couple more.

Sometimes you don't know the exact way how you will find your dream clients. But doing different actions and testing ideas that come to mind rewards you with inevitable results. Maybe not instantly, but see it as an investment in your business. It will work eventually.

Think positively no matter what. It could be the case, but negative thinking is not suitable for your health and your business. So whatever you do tune in on positive vibes and do it only in the mood like this. Can't change it? Change anything... Go for a walk, talk to someone, watch some funny clips or a movie. Come back to work when you're positive. Think about it as you don't have much time in life to spend it in a negative mood. You'd better enjoy it as much as you can. And on this positive note, I'm going to end this article. Stay tuned for new stuff ;)


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