Who Is A Successful Designer

It's been a while since I didn't post anything on my blog and I decided to resume my writings. Since I really like this feeling when you come up with some thoughts, publish them and see that it changes someone's life at least a little bit.

We all have life experience. Sometimes it's good, sometimes - bad. That's how we learn. Sharing experience helps you and other people learn a lesson. What can you learn from posting stuff on the internet? That's easy. Things that you create and ready to share usually have some value, they worth something. That's where we start to be artists.

Anyway, I see a lot of value in writing this blog and I'm trying to make it as a habit and post more often.

Today, I want to share with you thoughts about characteristics of a successful designer. What people usually see and don't see, but we should know that being a designer is not easy and creating stuff is not happening by the click of fingers even if you have years of experience deep knowledge.

What We Normally See In a Successful Designer

We see the final result when someone delivers it, but not what's happening in the background, in the process of creating a design solution or any other creative piece of work.

What We Don't See Is The:

All of it happens even with very experienced creatives. We are not robots and sometimes we have a harsh time. So it's not only about a design and we can take things personally when we don't expect it. But we dealing with all of it and even more. Since we are willing to stay professionals and respect what others do.

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