The Remote Book

Triple Your Income Working 10-20 hours a Week Wherever You Want

109 pages of honest, actionable advice to help you build something incredible from your creative freelance business.

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The book consists of 5 chapters that covers main areas of the remote life and business




  • Cash flows

  • Do you Need a Business Plan?

  • Financial Grammar

  • Track Your Expenses
  • Define What You Need Money For
  • Savings
  • Using Money the Right Way
  • Buy Experiences
  • Make it a treat

  • Money Attitude

  • Money is an Energy



  • Personal Branding

  • How a Niche Makes Things Easier

  • Unique Services

  • How To Find Clients

  • What Are The Types of Clients?

  • Cheap Clients
  • Clients That Compare Price & Quality
  • Urgent Clients
  • Exclusive Work Required
  • Premium Clients

  • Commercial Design Tips

  • Is it a Freelance Artist or Designer That Sells?

  • Competitive Prices Concept

  • Building Great Client Relationships

  • How is the project you do different?
  • Why do you want a new website/app/logo/brand?
  • Why do you think this project can be better?
  • What are your long-term goals?
  • Who’s making the final decision?
  • What are the timeline and planned budget for this project?

  • Site Portfolio

  • Good Content Sells Better

  • Analysis
  • Take a Break
  • Editing is a Separate Task
  • Formatting
  • Emotions

  • How to Get Good Testimonials

  • How to Stop Searching for Clients

  • Why Process is Very Important

  • By Sharing Your Process, You Show the Reality of Art-Making
  • Show Your Process as you Want People to See It


  • Criticism

  • Criticism That Helps Us
  • Negative Critique is Also Good
  • How to Easily Accept Any FeedbackGood
  • What About Positive Feedback?

  • A Positive Way of Living

  • Relations

  • Entrepreneurship, Southern Countries, and Lots of Networking

  • Proactivity Is an Ingredient for Success

  • Luck Is a Myth

  • Is Luck Actually a Myth?
  • True “Luck”

  • Tactical Thinking

  • Strategically Thinking



  • Design, Business and Life

  • Various Incomes Independently, or Stable Income in Corporate World

  • Karma

  • Applying Karma to Business
  • Karma and Design

  • What Is Being A Minimalist?

  • Cut Unnecessary Things
  • Consumerism
  • Give And Take
  • Being an Essentialist
  • Possessions

  • Where to Get Energy and How to Manage Everything

  • How to Stop Pushing Brakes and Start Doing
  • How Goals Make our Lives Easier
  • An Endless Source of Energy
  • The Biggest Energy Suckers

  • Movement is Life

  • A Sedentary Lifestyle Kills us Slowly
  • Physical Unloading

  • Time Management For Creatives

  • Priorities and Big Projects
  • Things You Don’t Want To Do
  • 80/20 Principle
  • Pareto’s Law
  • Finding Time Losses
  • Journaling
  • Calendar
  • Sometimes Plans Don’t Work
  • For People Who Don’t Like Calendar Plans at All
  • Composite Planning Tools
  • How to Plan Design or Any Other Creative Work
  • People’s Influence on Your Schedule
  • More About Interruptions
  • Time is the Most Valuable Asset That We Have
The Remote Book: A Handbook for Location Independent Creators Buy in EPUB, PDF for $8.99


MAX SNITSER has climbed the ladder of big companies and startup jobs and now has over 8 years of valuable experience.

Presently, he is working on different digital projects, such as European and American technological startups, where Max gained the reputation not only for his impressive work and integrity but also for his UX and Graphic design skills.

The past four years as he worked as the independent contractor with clients and wrote dozens of articles in his blog. Max received priceless experience working on exciting projects remotely while traveling and living a nomadic life.

Last year he has started making digital products and wrote the book “How To Become A Successful Freelance Designer” to share all the experience of remote work with clients around the world.

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