How Does Good Design Increase Sales

Let's start with some great tips that make your internet product more desirable for your customers and users.

How To Find A Competent Digital Product Designer

In this article we'll talk about a most common problem in finding competent designers for your project. Also, you'll find here helpful advice of how to identify a good designer and exclude bad guys who just want to get your money.

Color Theory

Color can play a great role in any type of design. Sometimes we can use similar types of design, but with different color palettes. And we can experience a very different feelings regarding them.

Shapes, Geometry And Space In Design

Shape is used in areas of two-dimensional space that can be defined by edges. They can be geometric and organic. Shapes can be defined by line, form, space, value, color and texture...

Creative Boundaries In Design, Projects And Business

It's hard to operate when you have an unlimited amount of choices. Especially in creative fields such as design.

Importance Of Consistency In Design

People notice consistency, but not announcements. It's everywhere in life, not only in the design area.

Common Design Process Mistakes

In the modern world, we often tend to copy and paste solutions from different sources, but it won't work for us in case if we don't understand why we copy these solutions and how they will work for our needs or for needs of our users. It's critical to know it.

Hard And Soft Skills Of Designers

What skills do designers should have? There are a lot of skills sets that we can only imagine. But if to be more specific than I think we need to categorize skills somehow.

Balance In Design

Sometimes it makes sense to go deep in details of design that we are doing. Because design nowadays is more how it feels whether how it looks. And small minor things matters a lot.

How To Align Text In Buttons And Other UI Elements

As the interface designer, I think that we need to achieve balance in UI elements. And in a whole layout that we use, whether it's in a web or mobile environment. That sounds obvious. But let's go into specifics to highlight some of the things that I deal with all the time in my work.

Why Being A Perfectionist Is Killing You And How To Deal With It

Our standards can be changed throughout the time. What is perfect Today, isn't Tomorrow. The problem of it is that if we doing something and our standards change on a daily basis then we'll never finish it. It's a like a dark hole that sucks our energy but never let you release something.

Who Is A Successful Designer

We all have life experience. Sometimes it's good, sometimes - bad. That's how we learn. Sharing experience helps you and other people learn a lesson. What can you learn from posting stuff on the internet?

Design Rules And Pushing The Boundaries

First of all, why creatives don't like rules? I can say about my experience and what I noticed from what other creatives say about rules and most commonly how do they break them.

Generating Ideas

There is no single and true process for generating a killer idea. What works for one creative probably will not work for another one. The same for projects. The idea in project A probably will not work in project B.

Designing The Creative Strategy

More and more often I have these moments of anxiety and unfocus and I notice that a lot of creatives have this lately. It's everywhere on the Internet like blog posts, social media posts, podcasts etc. I decided to understand the problem and find the way to focus and calm down.

How To Create A Landing Page From Scratch

Do you have a product or service that you'd like to promote? Facebook pages or similar tools aren't sustainable. Your marketing materials and efforts should lead somewhere. Basically, you need the central resource. You need a landing page.