Quitting 9 to 5 Job, Freelancers, And Nomadic life

The word freelance is becoming more and more popular nowadays and is gaining a much broader sense of interest than it had a couple of years ago. Some people still ask: what is freelance? who are these freelancers and what they do?.

10 Reliable Ideas For Finding Freelance Clients

At some point, every independent creative asks himself where to find clients. You probably already have some work that you did before, and with that, you can build a portfolio. Or you may know which design area and direction you want to take. That's where you can start your search process.

How to Easily Accept Any Feedback

We as people can sometimes find it difficult to read negative feedback about the work or project we poured our time and soul into, especially when we could have spent that time with friends or family or on other activities.

6 Ugly Truths About Becoming A Freelance Designer

Ask yourself if you're ready for ugly truths I'm mentioning in this article and think about possible ways of resolving or avoiding cases like these.

How To Go On Vacay When You Are a Freelancer (Digital Nomad)

After some time of traveling continuously, you stumble upon one interesting fact that you no longer see the difference between workday and weekends. Later on, you realize that you don't have such thing as a vacation time...

Where To Find Clients And What To Work On In Summer Time

Summer is the time when most of the people having a vacation. It can be harmful to your online business. Since people don't spend much time online in the summer. Especially in the second half of the June until the end of August. Seasoning exists in freelance business as well.