Why Business Should Be Packed

The common problem of many businesses is that the shell does not consistent with the content.

High Resolution People

High-resolution person understands his business well and makes less critical mistakes on the way to wealth and success.

How Time Management Works In Developing Design

The most common problem is that classic time management doesn't work for the majority of the designers. When we use classic time management tools we just kill time, but this is not a golden opportunity for us.

Launch Of A Project On Time

I know a lot of projects who broke their deadlines and they don't launch in the planned time. People risks launching not needed product if they breaking up their deadlines. Market changes and project has a risk to not satisfy their customers in another time of launch.

How To Choose What You Want To Do

Sometimes we have a situation when we don't know what to do next. Life is good and you don't know what achievement do you want in the future. Or life is not so good and you can't decide how to fix it. How to choose a direction of your actions? What kind of things do you want to happen in your life?

Benefits Of Thinking Big, Global Influence Of Design On The World

Would be great if your work would change the world isn't it? I've already passioned about it for several years and each year I have more and more passion for changing the world with design in a good way...

Being Rude With A Client

We'll talk about clients in servicing business, not customers. And most of the examples and point of views will be from the design perspective. Since I'm a designer.

Do Not Take Side Projects Seriously

I like to make things. And I think that each designer should create end products during his career. Because you are focusing on so many things. And at the end, you have not only design layouts as final deliverables but a real product that works for you and works for people. You’ll get knowledge outside of design area. Usually, it changes your vision about design and things that you did before.

How To Be Productive Spending Time Nicely On Sunday

There are a lot of articles about productivity and I think I mentioned some productivity tips before in one of my previous articles. But in addition to this, I want to make a mark upon this movement. Since we all have different lives and experiences.

How To Be Happy If You A Creative Person

We simply can go into negative mood on our day to day creative path. Because of the negative feedback on work that we do. Because of the things that aren't work in the way we want.

What Is Being A Minimalist

This article is not about design. But about the way of living life. Well, you can name it as a minimalistic lifestyle design. In my opinion, it covers all the aspects of life. That means it covers the way you do things, the way you design something.

Ratings And Healthy Consumption Of Media

We live in a craziest time ever. People interact differently with each other using different mediums. Some time ago we had only chats and emails. Now we can interact with photos, videos, stories, tweets etc.

Reinventing myself

I didn't blog for a while and I have a reason for this, but right now I'm living this nomadic life and ready to share some of the insights.

Monthly Resolutions Is A Game Changer

Finally, I figured how I can do so many stuff and have a laser focus on each thing even if they are different. This is something that really changed the game and helped me to finish the product I was working on and actually launch it.

Creative Energy vs Time

Sometimes people ask me if I'm busy and honestly that's the question I struggle to answer. From one side I'm always doing something, but from another side, I control my schedule, and I can do whatever I decide to do. So I'd ask myself if I can make time for something rather than if I have time.