Investment In UX Design

People think that is a better way to make an investment in their business is marketing or other sources of traffic attraction.

10 UX Tips For Landing Page

By digestible text means headlines with a strong offers, sub-headlines, copy text, etc.

How Fonts Can Improve UX

The purpose of any text on your website or application is to help your users accomplish their goals. You feel yourself more comfortable with an interface where text is readable and fonts in a harmony with other elements. It looks like all on their perfect places.

How To Improve Revenue With Information Architecture

Good IA helps to make a digital project successful. It makes the web interface more user-friendly and it's easy to find something really valuable even if you have a lot of information on a website. You can say that this is more navigation question.

What You Need To Know About UX Design

Sometimes people have doubts about user experience design and often it's because of lack of knowledge about this sphere. In this article I'll try to highlight the most common statements about UX design to give you a basic knowledge.

Analysis And A/B Tests Of UX

People do A/B testing in the most of the cases, but do not notice it. I've already created 7 versions of Fland-lab website and I think this is a hard mode of A/B testing. Since, I have done it manually and without any testing tools.

Why We Undervalue UX Design

Sometimes we don't understand a real value of a solution. We can use a simple application with an interface which consists of one input field and a button. But have you ever thought about what is actually happening with application while you are waiting for the result?

How Long Is It To Create A Good UX Design And Project Timelines

You can set up a deadline for UX Design work, but you need to be competent in it. First of all, you need to understand all the processes. And what outcome do you expect to get from this work.

UX Design Successful Examples That Was Not Expected

Regular users aren't interaction designers. They cannot be expected to visualize the larger effects of interaction paradigm shifts. But the market has shown that people will give up painful, poorly designed software. They willing to find easier, better software.

Influence Of Color On User Experience

Colors has a strong impact on design solutions that we produce. Moreover, it plays one of the most valuable roles in User eXperience.

7 Tips About Navigation In UX Design

Navigation - any action that takes a user to a new part of the interface. Or which requires him to locate objects tools or data.

UX Improvements For Checkout Process

High motivation and "Easy to do" are a key component to generate more purchases through your checkout process. You'll get frustrated if you have high motivation and it's difficult to make a purchase on your site. And if you have low motivation, but it's easy to do, you get annoyed.

What The Difference Between UX Design For IOS And Android

Sometimes, I have clients who want to create a mobile application. But they do not specify a platform. iOS applications could be different from Android applications. Especially, from the UI design perspective. We have different guidelines and design principles for both platforms.

Left Aligned Websites And Proper Use Of Space In Design

In what cases can we use this type of web interfaces and how can we change it to fit on mobile screens? And the main question why should we use this type of design? Let's take a look what we have and then compare it with left-aligned websites.

What Content Is Appropriate For Index Pages And Start Screens

It's a common question for informational websites and for mobile applications as well. Should it be the main screen of your product or just a list of content? What information is appropriate for a starting point?

Does Software Matters In The UX Design Creative Process

User experience should be always the end goal of every process. And it doesn't matter what tools do we use. We can create a successful UX by code or even by hand on a paper.

Why We Need User Research

Where is the efficient design starts? Some of you will say that from creating wireframes and prototypes. I usually start with research.

8 Unexpected UX Design Successful Examples

Regular users aren't interaction designers. They cannot be expected to visualize the larger effects of interaction paradigm shifts. But the market has shown that people will give up painful, poorly designed software. They willing to find easier, better software.

Why Many Companies Neglect To Do User Research

Often, we don't understand what the key action we'd better do. Or we think that we are sure on something, but our guts send us a signal that this is wrong. The traditional way of doing business is no longer changes the market in a good way. Especially if we talk about digital products.

How To Improve UX of Web Forms

Forms are like conversations between people. They help automate things and reduce a bureaucracy if done right. By creating forms you build an interface where a dialogue happens. So, the goal here is to make sure that the form asks right questions in a right time.

Sci fi Interfaces That Are Close To Future Reality

I decided to summarize and share my thoughts on interfaces we see in Sci-fi movies, and I believe that some of them will emerge soon or already appearing these days.

Best UX Patterns for Navigation in iOS Apps

Even if you have a cool idea of the app and everything is done right with a great performance of using the hardware of mobile devices the app can be hard to use due to poor navigation.