Live Fragrant

I designed and coded front end User Interface for fragrance aggregator.


The main challenge here was to show several levels of interaction in one screen. So the first column is navigation through brands, the second one are product items within a selected brand, and the 3rd one has all the details about a chosen product as well as the ability to change the parameters and data. Despite having everything on one screen, it's really fast to interact with it and does manage the products database.


A quick and easy way to get an insightful information about the products data. The purpose of this design is to show low-level information and details from top to bottom.


The design concept of the project UI is mostly based on using cards. It adds modularity and at the same time flexibility. So things can be easily managed afterward. Also, it's easier for users to focus their attention on different things throughout the platform.


I designed it as a database table, but in a way that it can be instantly changed item by item. Also, there is a possibility to search and filter for the data.


On early design stages, I sketched and explained the purpose of each UI element and how it affects the user experience of the system.

User Flows


We had a lot of conversations to make sure that the UX we built is right and we take into account all details possible.