Microsoft Partner Network

The goal of this project is to re-invent and put in mobile device interface for Microsoft Partner Network. Simplify interaction between partners and company products. Make this interface helpful as for users as for company.

Key Problem

The main problem of partner program website was big amount of information in almost each section. It was not well structured and people who use this interface often lost there and spent big amount of time to make key action.

This is the most painful problem in web interface of partner program. We decided to start from mobile app as from blank page. Re-organize all structure and place it in more affordable and comfortable way in mobile screen.


We have gone through all userflows in the web version and defined key points in the interface. Made research regarding target audience and business requirements.

On the next screens you can see how we showed data visually.

What is New or Dashboard shows only most important metrics that people can read in a 10-20 sec.

In Partner Profile screen we can find all needed information. List of employees separated by style from other data.

Approach To Design

The main focus in design of this app was very clear UX. After research of Material Design we decided to use all benefits from this conception to improve the way how we show information here. For instance, we seprated solid thread of data on cards.

This cards shows different meanings of information that people read from the screen of mobile device.

In a Nutshell

This app helps company to stay tuned with their partners even when they out of their office. Now they have fast access to key metrics in their hands. This is future of our business interaction with serious companies and corporations.

Max Snitser
UX designer
In this project, I did design for the Android Application that helps partners to focus on key metrics and stay up to date anytime. My main task was to analyze partners network web interface and rearrange content and user interface for mobile devices taking into account material design tendencies.
June 2014 – August 2014
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