The goal of this project is to design a clear web interface for the website that connects people who require care and people who can provide it.

About Room2Care is an innovative web-based provider of senior care. They offer a program that links caregivers to those who need assistance. This Marketplace has the instruments necessary to choose assisted living facilities. is the Innovative Leader in Shared Senior Living, the Affordable Senior Care.

Identifying Needs


During first several weeks I immersed myself in this project and the problem that we were trying to solve. I made research in forums and articles and discussed different cases with the product owner.

User Interviews

Since I didn't have an opportunity to interview people that could be a potential user of a website I instructed my client what do they need to figure out and what information will be helpful for us to create user-centered design solutions.


When we gathered all the info about people who might use Room2Care in the future it was more clear what direction should we take. I created a couple of personas to focus on goals, motivations and pain points. This was useful. Since we needed to design for several types of people.

After the work on these 3 stages, a number of insights emerged. It was clear that 1st type persona can help 2nd type persona. Thus, basic needs were met. Both can see a value here and collaborate within the website in a positive way.


Information provided by a host in their profile should be extensive and give enough information about their background, skills, and their place. Seniors who search for care should be motivated by solid facts and visuals to make a decision. Moreover, it should be given in a simple way. So, the people of older generation could understand all the aspects.

Ideation & Use cases

When we took into account almost all what we needed on the first stage I started my work on use case diagram and brainstorming of ideas of inner architecture of the website.

We have created a number of cards during brainstorm process to clarify needs and interactions better.

For Seniors

The part of the web interface created for seniors should provide with a comfortable and clear way to find a place and care.

For Hosts

This part of the web interface should provide with a clear way of creating a profile and filling out with all necessary information about the host and his/her place.

Use case diagram

A basic diagram that shows 2 flows for 2 types of users of the website.


We created high-fidelity wireframes to see how ideas will look like in the form of the web interface. These are examples of wireframes that we created during the prototyping process.

Visual design

The design should be simple and do not distract people from tasks that they need to do on each stage of interaction. Especially in a case of how seniors interact with the website. We have chosen light colors like gray and white to represent the idea of simplicity.

However, landing pages should attract attention to the most important parts that describe benefits of this service. Thus, we have used bright high-quality photos that turn on imagination and apply positive associations with this website.

Landing pages

These are examples of landing pages that we created for different purposes of the service.

Registration Flow

This is a registration flow for type of user host. First of all we created this kind of registration. Which is consist from one step if we don't take into account confirmation steps.

After the launch we figured out the we have a lot of of drop-offs on the registration stage. People didn't want to deal with this amount of fields. We decided to pay attention more to this stage of the interaction with the web interface.

We decided to separate registration flow from filling out profile data flow. Moreover, we separated registration flow on several steps. And we did the same for filling out profile flow.

Filling Out Profile

We've solved a problem when people didn't understand how to fill out their profiles. What is the first step and what is important for the website to make a profile interesting for the system? We separated filling out process on stages and improved user experience in this way.

Profile page

We designed the solution which consists of extensive information about people and what they suggest in details. And in the same time, we made it in an easy consumption way for people who will view theses profiles.

Also, we designed a great comments area taking into account specific amenities of each user and rate. Which is important for business goals of the project.


Of course, we took into account different form factors in design. Thus, people will feel comfortable working with the website on different devices and screen sizes.